About Genetically modified food

About Genetically modified food

Genetically modified food

1. Are genetically modified foods safe?

Before consuming genetically modified foods, we must be mindful of their benefits and downsides, particularly their safety. These foods are manufactured by inserting genes from other species into their DNA using genetic engineering techniques.

2. Genetically modified food advantages and disadvantages

Genetically modified food benefits

Among the advantages of this genetic modification are, Controlling the occurrence of some diseases and successfully eliminating some disorders and allergic properties.

Due to their natural resistance, genetically modified crops are exposed less to harmful pesticides and insecticides than conventional crops, making these foods environmentally safe and chemical-free.

Other than conventionally grown foods, GM foods contain more minerals and vitamins in a higher proportion, And it tastes better. These GM foods also have a longer shelf life than conventional foods.

Genetically modified food disadvantages

Despite overwhelming proof that GM products are healthy to eat, many people would like to stay away from these foods. Also, the idea of transferring animal genes to plants or vice versa is unacceptable by many people. Opponents claim that the changes produced by gene insertion from other species may be more impacting, nuanced, or complex than those caused by traditional breeding intraspecies gene swaps.

The most controversial of these concerns about the safety of genetically modified foods are the transfer of antibiotic resistance, toxicity, and allergies to the human body.

Consumers' acceptance of these foods is related to the extent they understand the technology used in the production, of these genetically modified foods. Besides, since these foods are recent innovations, their lasting impacts on Consumers are not yet well known, And they can have hidden long-term health consequences.


Appropriate policies to ensure consumer safety must accompany the release of GM foods into agri-food markets. As it should, Strengthening Preventive measures by intensifying safety tests on new genetically modified crops, Providing accurate information to the consumer about the safety test results obtained.
Finally, these preventive policies and measures for genetically modified crops will reduce health risks on consumers and enhance their confidence in the quality of genetically modified food and the orientation towards its consumption.


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